Basement Finishing

Basement finishing and renovation can increase the living space and value of your home. Before you begin remodeling, it's important to make sure your basement is watertight. All the hard work and materials you put into your basement remodel will go to waste if you don't make sure the water drains out. Once the basement is watertight, you can begin planning your basement repair.

Basement Renovation

Stages of Basement Finishing

Basement finishing involves many steps. You don't have to do them all at once if your budget is tight, although doing them all at once will make your basement more functional and speed up the process. Here are the steps of basement finishing in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We've collected all main steps:

  • estimating
  • designing
  • getting permits and inspections
  • setting a date to start work
  • delivery of materials to your home
  • demolition (in some cases)
  • frame work
  • rough installation of electrical and plumbing work
  • drywall and tiling
  • flooring
  • tile laying
  • painting
  • kitchen installation (if applicable)
  • adding fixtures and accents
  • final inspection

On average, a 700 square foot basement will take 3-4 weeks to complete. Larger basements will take longer, while smaller basements can be completed in about 12-15 business days. Specific timelines depend on the scope of your project and are discussed before work begins.

Basement Finishing Cost

It's hard to say how much a basement finishing project will cost until we see it in person. It can cost anywhere from $15,000 to over $100,000, depending on what you need to do and what materials you want to use. Cost of basement renovations in Aurora may be different.

Basement Renovation Toronto

Basement Finishing Options

Home Theater

With space in your basement, you can create your own home theater. Be sure to insulate the basement ceiling to prevent sound from spreading to and from the floor above. Place pillows and blankets on the floor to absorb sounds and block out windows to eliminate scattered light. Once the sound and video systems are installed, you can add theater elements such as chairs, a refrigerator to cool drinks, and a popcorn machine.

Home Office

The basement is often an open space that can be converted into many different things. You can use this open space as a home office. In most cases, things like high-speed Internet connections work in the basement, so you can share the signal and work equipment already going. If your basement is large, you can erect interior walls to create small offices and storage areas. You can also create a conference room if you have the space. Use padding and blankets for the floor to give it a professional look, and paint the walls a bright color to take advantage of natural light and save on your electric bill.

Wine Cellar

If you love wine, your basement probably has everything you need to create the perfect wine cellar. Cellar temperatures are usually ideal for storing and fermenting wine. You can buy wine for storage, or you can make your own. Be sure to put wine racks in the stalls so that the bottles underneath do not come in direct contact with the cold floor. Keep natural and artificial lighting to a minimum, as it can affect the taste of your wine with a basement wine bar renovation service.

Additional Bedroom

Create a master suite in the basement, leaving room for the kids. The master bedroom usually consists of a bedroom and a large bathroom. You won't have the same feeling as a large upstairs suite, but you'll have a lot more space. Organize the bathroom into separate areas for the shower, toilet, and tub, using the right tiles for each. You should have enough space to build a separate walk-in closet and even create a large walk-in closet. Depending on the stairs leading to the basement, you may need to replace the steps and railings to add stability.

Home Gym

Adding a home gym to your basement adds value to the room. By placing it there, you can hide the guest area. It also gives you a quieter place to exercise and is away from other members of your family. Soundproof the ceiling and walls so the sounds of the exercise equipment won't penetrate upstairs. Install a TV and DVD player along one wall so you have something to watch while you work out on the machines. Decorative shelves allow you to place workout discs and lightweight equipment.

A finished basement is a great way to make use of the empty space under your home. Before the renovation, the space was dark and sometimes damp, exacerbated by the cold and harsh weather conditions common to Canadian winters. Sealing walls, flooring, and decorating create a new and useful space in your home. Basement remodeling ideas focus on adding a useful room that you might not otherwise have room for.

Your basement can be used as an extra space, gym, or game room with some remodeling. But before you start moving your pool table into place, you need to take care of some basement renovation basics.