Kitchen Renovation

For those who plan to stay in their home for five years or perhaps a little longer, it's a good idea to invest as much as you can afford for the look and improvements you want. Also, if a later sale is planned, repairs are always important to achieve a better price in the near future.

Types of kitchen renovations

There is no single way to renovate a kitchen, as there are many types of kitchens, and the work can be done depending on materials, appliances, design and trends.

And one of the most important parts is learning how to determine what type of renovation you will be doing, and how much time and money you should plan for each one. Nevertheless, we can distinguish the types of kitchen renovations:

Cosmetic kitchen renovations

A cosmetic kitchen repair is a simple repair that replaces items that can be easily removed. These can be things like new countertops, new tile backsplash, new appliances, new hardware on cabinet doors and drawer fronts, or a new coat of paint on the kitchen. Cosmetic kitchen renovations are usually done if you are selling your home and only need to update a few items before putting it on the market.

Kitchen remodel with remodeling

A "take down and reinstall" remodel takes a cosmetic renovation one step further. In this type of renovation, you remove items and reinstall them in their former place. This type of kitchen renovation usually involves removing kitchen cabinets and installing new ones in the same location. This means that the sink, refrigerator and stove remain in their former place, and the kitchen design is virtually unchanged.

Custom kitchen renovation

With this type of renovation, you can let your imagination run wild and create the kitchen of your dreams. This is the type of renovation you would do if you needed to create more space, open up a space, or completely redesign your kitchen. This renovation includes things like changing the layout of your kitchen. It could mean moving the refrigerator, stove or sink. It may also mean getting rid of the breakfast area to increase the size of your kitchen. Custom renovations usually require improving the functionality of the kitchen.

People say that kitchens sell homes because they are the center of the home. It's that space where people want to relax, where they gather, and of course you want to feel good in that environment.